Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make a reservation or buy tickets ahead of time?

We only take bookings for groups over 10 people, so if your group is smaller than 10, just come into our glow worm office and we will put you on the next available tour. Tours are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, so we cannot guarantee specific tour times to small groups until you purchase tickets at our office. If you would like to request a specific tour time, we recommend coming into our office early in the morning, so you can purchase a spot on the tour of your choice before it fills up! Don’t worry there is plenty of things to do at Cedar Creek Estate. Head down to Frog Hollow, a complimentary exhibit featuring native frog species and some amazing local insects. You can also grab a bite to eat in our cafe, walk through our maintained gardens and vineyard or sample the wonderful wines on offer in the Wine Centre(18+ only).

Can we do a self-guided visit to the caves?

We only allow access to the caves via guided tour in order to ensure our Glow Worms are kept safe. Working with one of the foremost scientists on the Glow Worms and with the supervision of local wildlife experts, we have created the world’s only purpose-built environment to protect these amazing creatures. During a tour, highly knowledgeable guides educate visitors on tours on how to safely interact with Glow Worms, and provide scientific information about the species. By coming to our eco-certified purpose-built environment, you are guaranteed to see these amazing creatures and help us to preserve the vulnerable Mt. Tamborine Glow Worm species.

Is the cave open all year round, even in the rain?

Yes! The benefit of our purpose-built cave is that most of our tour happens inside the cave, there is the short rainforest walk but the cave is kept dry and accessible all year round. We are open every day except Good Friday and Christmas day so regardless of the outside weather our Glow Worms will always shine.

Is this experience good for little kids?

Our cave was constructed to allow people of all ages the opportunity to get up close and personal with Glow Worms, and our tours are very family-friendly! Many people bring small children on our tours, and since all children under 4 are free, our tours are very affordable for young families. Our caves are quite safe, but we do ask parents to supervise their children and ensure that they are comfortable in the darkness before coming on a tour. We also ask that prams are left outside the cave for the safety of all visitors in the darkened cave.

How strenuous is a Glow Worm Tour?

Our cave is very easily accessible, and doesn't require any hiking experience to access! The pathway in our cave is uniformly flat, and there are handrails present in Glow Worm Alley to help guide visitors. The most strenuous aspect of our tour is our three-minute rainforest walk, which is conducted on a flat boardwalk at a leisurely pace. Please contact us at glowworms@cedarcreekestate.com.au to inquire about any accommodations you may require. 

Is there transportation to Tamborine Mountain?

We do not provide any transportation to our cave- our site is easily accessible by car or tour buses. Queensland Day Tours and Southern Cross Day Tours and Coast to Bush Tours provide hotel pickup services to Mt. Tamborine, and while taxi and shared-ride services like Uber also visit our mountain we recommend that you book a round-trip journey. We are located a 50-minute drive away from Surfers Paradise, and 1 hour away from Brisbane CBD.

How do I make a group booking?

The best way to make a booking for a group of 10 or more people is to email the Glow Worm office with your date and time of choice, and the total number and age distributions of your party. We can be reached at glowworms@cedarcreekestate.com.au

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