The Caves

Our cave was constructed to allow people of all ages the opportunity to get up close and personal with these delicate creatures in a safe environment.

Glow Worm Cave

Our purpose-built cave is complete with very realistic formations such as stalagmites and stalactites, water features and cave fish. One of our highly qualified guides will lead you on a short walk through the rainforest into our cave, where you'll be shown a brief documentary on the Glow Worms. After the film, your guide will lead you into the magical Glow Worm Alley, filled with thousands of shining Glow Worms, and give everyone the chance to meet a Glow Worm up close. Our cave is easy to access and doesn't require any bending down or crawling through tight spaces to see the Glow Worms. 

This experience is not only great for the young and old alike but also highly beneficial to the wild Glow Worm populations. Since people have been diverted to our cave instead of local Glow Worm colonies, Glow Worm numbers in the wild have begun increasing again. We hope that by providing an alternative site for tourists to visit which offers an experience safe for people and Glow Worms, we can help increase the chances for the survival of the species into the future.

Habitat Requirements

Glow Worms require a permanently moist habitat for their survival and are therefore dependent on rainforests and wet caves for their continued survival. However, rainforest habitats in Australia are shrinking due to climate change and human impacts. Our purpose-built glow worm cave at Mt. Tamborine in the Gold Coast Hinterland provides the ideal conditions for Glow Worms within a controlled environment, removing the impacts of decreasing rainforests and human interaction.

Glow Worm Cave Tamborine Mountain

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